The Bully

Project Information

School:  Dvorak Technology Academy
Teacher:  Ms. Charlene Whiteside
Grade:  7th and 8th (Special Ed.)
Subject Area:  Social Studies
Purpose:  Based on a book the students read, The Bully, by Paul Langan, the goal was for my class to complete a presentation about bullying and to raise awareness of bullying.
Procedure:  The students read the book The Bully.  Students then summarized the story using graphic organizers.  Next, students had training on using presentation software (Open Office).  Finally, students created and edited presentations.
In retrospect, next time I would create storyboards to help organize student thoughts.
Origins:  This project grew out of a desire to find a new and different way for the students to summarize their understanding of ua book. We have never done this before.
Technology:  Computers, presentation software, various websites.

Ms. Whiteside

Student Presentations

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Antonio P.

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Project Worksheet

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