2010 Fermi Census

Project Info

School:  Enrico Fermi Elementary School
Teacher:  Ms. Margaret Lopez
Grade:  3rd-5th
Subject Area:  Special Education
Purpose:  Watch the video to hear Ms. Lopez talk about the purpose of the project!
Procedure:  As a class we discussed and defined the U.S. Census, then we browsed the census.gov website where we found lots of great past census data.  We discussed reasons why the census data is important.  Then we created informational posters about the importance of the 2010 U.S. Census to post around the school in order to promote awareness among students and parents.  The students looked at a real 2010 U.S. Census form, discussed it, and then brainstormed questions that they might want to ask students at Fermi for a school-wide census.  We narrowed the questions down to the top 10 and then with the help of Mrs. Dennison from CUIP we used Google Documents and Wikispace to create an online census for students at our school to access.  Students then were able to browse the online census that was created and fill it out.  They created poster to promote our school-wide census that said, "2010 Fermi Census Rocks!!"  The students at Fermi had a 2 week window to go online and fill out the census.  Then, my students were able to observe and discuss the data that was collected and generated by Google Forms into pie charts and bar graphs.
IL Learning Standards Addressed:
Social Studies:
18.B. Understand the roles and interactions of individuals and groups in society.
16.A.1a  Explain the difference between past, present and future time; place themselves in time.
16.A.1b  Ask historical questions and seek out answers from historical sources.
Technology: Desktop computers, Google Documents (Google Forms), and Wikispaces.com.

The Fermi 2010 Census Screenshots