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Project Information:

School: A.O. Sexton Elementary School
Teacher: Ms. Khan
Grade Level: 4th grade
Project Purpose: The purpose of this project was to give students the opportunity to write answers to open ended questions, especially the students who were too shy to speak up in class as well as to have an alternative assessment tool.  The students go to the blog while they are in the lab and at home to find teacher-approved online activities.
Procedure:  Ms. Khan posts questions on the blog based on what she is teaching in class.  During her weekly time in the computer lab, the students go to the blog and leave replies to the questions in the comments section of the post.  Ms. Khan can then make the comments public if she wants her students to see the answers their classmates left.
Blog URL: http://sextonblogs.cuip.net/hollaback/

Ms. Khan

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