Folktales Around the World

Project Info

School: Florence B. Price Elementary
Teacher: Linda Herron
Grade: 4-8
Subject Area: Literature/Folktales
Purpose: To learn about different cultures and integrate technology into a folktale project.
Procedure: Students listened to and read folktales, identified characteristics of folktales, and researched different countries where the folktales originated. They then created a "folktale quilt" using index cards with information such as theme, setting, and plot. Students also recreated folktales with alternate endings. Finally, students created advertisements trying to sell a particular folktale using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The students had the option of how to create their ads (i.e. PowerPoint Presentation, brochure, etc.) and they presented these projects to their peers.
Origins:  Standards for the ISAT test include learning about genre, so Ms. Herron usually teaches folktales as a part of teaching this topic because students enjoy folktales.
Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

Examples of Students' Projects

Here are some samples from Ms. Herron's classes:


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