The Digital Autobiography

Project Information

School:  Dunne Technology Academy
Teacher:  Ms. Cook
Grade:  6th
Subject Area:  Language Arts
Illinois Learning Standards:
5.A.2a  Formulate questions and construct a basic research plan.
5.A.2b  Organize and integrate information from a variety of sources (e.g., books, interviews, library reference materials, web- sites, CD/ROMs).
Purpose:  My goal for this project was for students to become comfortable speaking fluently, using intonation. I also wanted to cover the genre of autobiography in a creative way.
Procedure:  First, my students gathered pictures that they wanted to include in their autobiography.  Second, they scanned the pictures in to a computer and saved each file  Next, they wrote drafts of their autobiographies, that incorporated the pictures.  After that, they recorded their voices using the GarageBand software.  Finally, they added musical sound effects, and edited their final copies.
Origins:  The idea came to me when I decided to incorporate technology with the writing workshop.  Students often get bored with writing and I wanted them to get excited about writing.
Technology: Computers, a scanner, and GarageBand software.

Ms. Cook


Digital Student Autobiographies

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