Dumas Tech's Black History Museum

Project Profile:

School: Dumas Technology Academy
Teacher: Ms. Lisa Allen
Grade Level: Primary Grades
Project Purpose: The purpose of the project was for students to gain research and presentation skills by creating PowerPoint presentations. A longterm goal is for students to be able aid teachers in teaching other students how to use PowerPoint.
Procedure: Students in Dumas's Techonlogy Club selected famous African-Americans and researched them using Google searches to find information and images. Ms. Allen guided the students through a template in Microsoft PowerPoint, and then the students created their own PowerPoint Presentations on their subjects. An event was then organized for the students to showcase their projects. Each project was displayed on a computer with physical artifacts alongside to aid in the presentation. A few chairs were set up by each project station, and students presented their projects to parents and community members as they made their way through the museum. After the project was over, Ms. Allen created a video to show off the students projects, which can be viewed below.
Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint, Google search

A video about the project:

Video made by Ms. Lisa Allen