Rural vs. Urban areas with Kid Pix

Project Info

Project Title: Rural vs. Urban areas with Kid Pix
School: Kozminski Community Academy
Teacher: Mrs. Zivko
Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Project Purpose: The purpose of this project was for students to illustrate their vision of what a city scene looks like and what a country scene looks like through their own eyes.
Project Description: The students read books in their language arts class that had settings in urban and rural areas. As a class, we discussed what characteristics make a rural and urban area. The teacher reviewed the functions of the tools in Kid Pix. Student first drew a straight line in the middle of the page to separate into two parts. On one side of the paper the students typed "country". On the other side of the paper students typed the word "city". Students were encouraged to draw, use stickers and stamps to draw their picture of the local region. Students tested various stickers and stamps to see what tools in Kid Pix best illustrated their picture. Once the student completed their picture, the picture was exported as a .jpg. The completed projects will be posted on Mrs. Zivko's blog for parents to see.
Technology: Kid Pix (see Resources below)

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