Word of the Week Blog - W.O.W. in Action!

Project Information

School: Dumas Technology Academy
Teacher: Mrs. Lindsay Johnson
Grade: K-8
Subject Area: Literacy/Vocabulary
Purpose: The purpose of the project was to increase students' vocabulary and expose them to blogging.
Word of the Week was a school-wide activity at Dumas. Each day, a new word was read over the morning announcements with its definition and an example of the word in a sentence. When the Word of the Week (W.O.W.) blog was created, each week's word was put on the blog as a post with its definition. Students were then encouraged to read the blog and post examples of the word as comments. Students were given an extra credit point each time they posted a comment on the blog, and there was also a school-wide contest to see which class could have the highest participation in the blog.
Technology: Wordpress.org, Wordcentral.com

Ms. Johnson


Award students recieved for blogging