"I Have A Dream" Video

Project Info

School: Irvin C. Mollison Elementary
Teacher: Ms. Jones
Grade Level: K-8
Project Purpose: To help students connect with civil rights and African American history through art and Dr. King's famous speech.
Procedure: Ms. Jones took an expert from Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech and wrote each word (over 600!) on an index card. Students and staff members each took at least one card and decorated it in their own way. The cards were then displayed in a mosaic format at the school's front entrance. CUIP helped take a digital photo of each card and make a video that synced the photos with the audio of the original speech, so that as each word was on the screen as it was being said. The video was used at the school's Black History Month assembly.
Technology: Digital camera, iMovie.

Audio Interview with Ms. Jones

The 'I Have a Dream' Mural